How I can help you

I will guide you through what can be the most emotionally and financially draining event in your life.  Through my counsel, advice and direction, you will find answers to many of your questions and relieve anxiety about your situation. The hope is to create order and control during this chaotic time. It is crucial to have a guide to take you through the legal forest in order to avoid all of the legal traps and uncertainties.

I understand both the emotional and financial burden of divorce and will attempt to keep costs reasonable and to cultivate open communication.

Legal, Financial and Emotional Satisfaction

My goal is to satisfy you legally, financially, and emotionally. In appropriate cases, like uncontested matters, I offer fixed prices that clearly state the cost of my services. Through fixed fees, you know the price of my services before I begin any work. When you have a question, you can call without worrying about accruing charges.  You will not be surprised by the cost of the divorce.

It is my policy to be available to you on nights and weekends. Open communication ensures that your needs are being satisfied.

The Decision

Divorce is a journey. Who you decide to take this journey with is extremely important. Be sure to choose an attorney who will strive to understand your situation, be a guide, communicate, and satisfy your legal, financial, and emotional needs.

Derek, Thank you for great representation at great value. It was fun working with you.

– Chuck, 6/2011