The purpose of my pricing is to be cost effective, straightforward, and clear. I strive to provide client satisfaction while keeping costs reasonable. I believe that people of all income levels deserve quality legal representation and advice. To keep costs reasonable and to cultivate a long term trusting relationship, I offer fixed fees that clearly state the cost of the service. This in turn decreases legal fees and any surprises or confusion by the client. It also allows you to have a better idea as to what the total cost of the process will be before any work is done.

Free Initial Telephone Consultation

This consultation is to tell you how my services can help you, and let you decide whether you want to hire me. It also gives me an opportunity to review your situation, and to inform you of the price of my services.

Fixed Pricing For an Uncontested Divorce

This pricing method allows you to get the most value for your money. Your specific needs are analyzed, and a customized list of services is developed to meet your specific needs. A fixed price for those services is then provided.

My price for an uncontested divorce without children is $800.00 plus fees and costs.

If an unforeseen event arises, I will send you a Change Order that asks for your authorization to provide new services. You have the control to make decisions.

Limit on Fees

At a certain point, enough is enough. The limit will depend on the complexity of your case, of course, but I will cap my fees. In this way, you will know your maximum costs for services rendered.

Limited Representation

For those preparing a divorce on their own, I will be happy to review your documents and give advice on a per document basis.

Notice: Each case is unique and different. Costs may rise depending on unexpected events or new disagreements. Please contact my office to talk to me about how I factor in these unique events.